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Is it really true that women are in disadvantage compared to men? Hasn’t God created us men and women equal? Though the answers to these questions contradict each other, the following essay will present some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a female; some due to women’s anatomy and others due to society, and the persistent image of a dominant male. Since the beginning of times, women have gone through tremendous struggles to receive the same rights as men, demanding education, the right to vote, and changes in their role in society. As a result of this, feminism has arisen.

First of all, the most important advantage women have over men is the gift of pregnancy. Yes, it is painful, but it is the only way mankind can keep on advancing, the only way entire cultures and families can survive through time. The problem is that, along with this “gift”, a “curse” comes. It is called the menstruation, causing not only physical pain, but drastic mood and emotional changes. Fortunately, not only a new human is created, but women tend to develop a higher resistance to pain and later, a mother’s sixth sense. The higher resistance to pain contradicts the well-known saying “women are physically weaker than men”. In some cases, this may be true, women are exposed to sexual harassment at work, thus, to potential rape. The male body develops stronger muscles, but of course, this depends on the person’s health. This is why people are very surprised to see strong women willing to show this strength, as it is not considered something feminine, not a characteristic of the typical “delicate and dependent woman”. This is another disadvantage women, as well as men and people from different cultures and religions, are stereotyped. The image of a slim housewife still exits, as well as the image of a little girl in a dress playing with dolls, not permitting the development of a more independent and free woman.

It is through parenthood that women also develop more patience towards children than men, usually given to the fact that women mature faster than men and are prepared to take care after a child. Of course, exceptions exist too. Being sensitive also has its disadvantages, as women are not only considered physically weak, but emotionally too. Men argue that women get carried away by feelings and emotions, unlike them, who are stronger, determined and more intelligent.

Looking at more significant advantages, the communication and manipulative skills the female brain has, empower women, making them more understanding and willing to listen to other people, as well as more tolerant and determined. Being the owners of such skills makes women men’s strength and weakness, as they can manipulate men in many different ways, as playing on weakness, or solving arguments. Nevertheless, though it is true that these skills are very advantageous, job opportunities are still not equal for men and women. It is expected in an office to find women as secretaries and men as the bosses. Particularly in a sexist country like Peru, it would be an insult to have a woman as your boss (if you are a man) or a woman occupying an important place in society. For example, women are not very often hired to work as mechanics, labourers or pilots. Even though this has been changing with the years, it is still difficult to find powerful women; for example, a female president.


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In the final analysis, women are not in disadvantage compared to men. They may not have the same qualities, but posses others that compensate. For example, women may not be as strongly built as men, but they surely look better in skirts! On the other hand, entire cultures and societies (even countries) put women in a secondary status, but after analyzing the advantages of being a woman, do men still look as superior as the pretend to?

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