how to make an english teacher happy

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There are many things that motivate me to strive harder to do what I need to do…

My family has always pushed me to try harder and never quit.

I have always been a very busy person. I have many extracurricular activities that I do to push my self and make myself busy. I want to be a well rounded person.

I know that if I work hard now, it will pay off in the end. I want to be successful in the future and the only way is to be successful in my education. I know that my future is in my hands and that thought pushes me to work harder.Michelangelo showed his means of expression in his paintings, and they were equally shown also in his poetry, architecture, and sculpture. Through his amazing work, he often seems the ultimate embodiment of the achievements of his age. In Michelangelo’s, “The Creation of Man”, Adam shown at the moment of creation already displays the vigor that Michelangelo gave to every human body. This is also true in Michelangelo’s version of David, showing his potential power in his massive, oversized head. In all of Michelangelo’s work, every one of them conveys the sense of latent strength of striving which was Michelangelo’s signature.

Raphael used ancient styles and mastery of perspective to produce works of perfect harmony, beauty, and serenity. His paintings give an impression of relaxation through scenes that are balance and at peace. Raphael’s “The School of Athens”, was his tribute to the ancient world. Raphael seemed to be saying that the artists are the crowning glory of the Renaissance.

Titian is the most famous Venetian painter. His paintings depicted rich velvets, lush nudes and stormy skies which almost seemed real. Titian was Europe’s most sought after portraitist. Titian’s “Bacchanal”, represents the different stages of life, from the incontinent child to the vigorous youths and to the old adults. His paintings are recognized by the leading figures of his time, and sense their character, through his mastery of depictions.

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