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The differences between eighteenth-century literature and romantic poems. This is seen through the works of John Keats and Alexander Pope. These works are known as, The Rape of Lock and The Eve of St. Agnes. Alexander Pope takes his readers on hatred filled event. A piece of literature and love induced psychoses in, The Rape of Lock. On the other hand, The Eve of St. Agnes told a tale of life, love, death, and eternal fate in heaven. These two writers have given two good poems. Most of Popes efforts here were written with time. Now, Keats has intrigued his reader with descriptive lust and desire, which can be compared with popes efforts by the difference in eighteenth century literature and romantic poems, their descriptive natures and ideas they portray to the reader through their writing. In the beginning of Keats romantic premise to life in St. Agnes, all is cold. The opening sequence brings a sense of realism to this cold scene. Cold owls, rabbits, and numb fingers on a holy, Beads man. The Beads man symbolizes the sense of age and spirit. Much of this poem is a test to Keats. Pope has indulged the reader in consistent religious order. When viewing Keats poem stanza by stanza, much is revealed. Keats tale starts as a direct start for future people. His image of love and old age creates a knot in the stomach of the reader. Desire brings Keats to the high point of emotions within, The Eve of St. Agnes. St. Agnes is such a peaceful memory for Keats. In all of Keats minor issues come love and honor. The entire tenth stanza is caused by the emotions involved with love. Keats doesnt seem to really care whether anybody understands him. Each of these two poets has acknowledgement of realism with a concern for myth, and undeniable love. The picture of love in each poem has brought most of the emotions from the reader.

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