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By Scott Odell


Pages 1

This book is about an Indian girl named Karana. The story takes place in the early 1800’s. Karana and her tribe live on an island shaped like a dolphin swimming on its side. There are also many dolphins swimming around the island so its known as the island of the blue dolphins. Karana’s fathers name is Chief Chowig. Karanas little brothers name is Ramo. Karana’s big sisters name is Ulape. One day Aleutian sea-otter hunters came to hunt for food they agreed to let the tribe have an equal part of the goods. When they were done hunting the Aleutian sea-otter hunters killed the Indians instead of giving them a fair share of the goods. Many Indians died including Chief Chowig.

Few men in tribe were left so the new chief called Chief Kimki sets out to find help. Meanwhile a new chief named Matasaip became in charge. The Indians feared that the Aleutians would return and exterminate them. So the Indians hid canoes for an escape in case the Aleutians come. A white man ship came to take the Indians away and said that chief Kimki had sent them. The Indians had to get ready to leave with the white men quickly since the white man ship could not stay because the currents were very strong. Karana and all the Indians had boarded the ship but she couldn’t find Ramo. She found him running to get to the ship. She told a white man to help him on the ship but it was too late so she jumped off the ship.

Karana and Ramo were hoping that another ship would come soon but until then they had to gather food and take care of themselves since they were the only two left on the island. Since he was only twelve Ramo wanted to be a man. Ramo decided that he’d have to take on a pack of hungry dogs but they killed him. Now Karana is left alone. Later on in the story Karana becomes friendly with a wild dog. She named the dog Rontu. The Aleuts come again but aren’t much of a problem. Later on Rontu died of old age. She saw another dog and captured him. She called him Rontu Aru and she stated that they had lots of fun together. Later in the book a white man ship came and rescued Karana.

I think that the theme of this book is trying to show how hard it is be stranded alone all by yourself. If many people had to live alone like Karana they would probably lose their edge. Also I think a point that this book is also trying to make is if you are nice to animals they will be nice to you. Karana was friendly to Rontu and Rontu Aru and became good friends with her. Some people are mean to animals and so they get attacked because they were teasing the animal.

I thought this book was a good book. I liked how it showed how Karana had to take care of herself like gathering supplies for the winter. I liked how it showed that not all of the people from Europe who came to America were bad. I thought it was funny that Karana thought a ship looked like a gull with folded wings. I also like how this book was based on a true story. I think its good that they talk about what happened to the Indians of Ghalas-at.


Earthquake-A sudden movement of the Earths crust caused by stress along faults.

Canoe-A slender boat moved by paddles.

Dunes-A hill of sand made by wind.

Cormorant-A type of diving bird.

Abalone-An edible marine gastropod.

Mended-To repair.

Spear-A long weapon with a sharp pointed end.

Harbor-A shelter for ships.

Ravine-A deep thin valley.

Gesture-A motion of body parts as to express something.

Glittered-A sparkling light.

Reef-A ridge of rock, sand, or coral at the surface of a body of water.

Crevice-A small crack.

Quarrel-An angry argument.

Stalked-To pursue quietly.

Muzzle-A snout of an animal.

Meadow-An expansion of grassland.

Kelp-Brown large seaweed.

Sinew-A tendon.

Flank-A cut of meat from an animal.

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